Monday, October 11, 2010

"I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations"

Who knows what the classic Beach Boy song was actually referring to when they kept singing about “good vibrations.” There are a million answers to the question. But, when we at “Turned On” think vibration, we think VIBRATOR. You might be reading this blog post and suddenly feel uncomfortable when reading VIBRATOR because it is such a taboo to talk about out loud. Well, if that’s the case, then this is the post for you. Here are all (if not all, then A LOT of) the answers to your questions about vibrators that you are too afraid to ask or find the answers to yourself.
Listed below are links to some websites that list the variety of vibrators available on the market today, as well as some answers to concerns you may have about using a vibrator, or maybe you’re just curious what the best vibrator choice for you is. Look no further:

I think the only area untouched in this blog is: what is the most discreet way to purchase your vibrator? And to that question, I say, order online or go to the store at a time when you know you are unlikely to see anyone you know. Sorry we can’t do more for you with that one, but there is always that point where someone else’s help stops working and you need to just do it yourself ;).

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