Sunday, September 28, 2008

Martha's Wiener

One of our new field correspondents, Diana Rosenbach sent me an article about the Martha Stewart Show last week.

"The always primp and proper Martha Stewart dedicated an entire episode of her daytime
show this week to everything Hot Dog related.

The Martha Stewart Show featured all kinds of hot dogs and toppings.

They even had a special 15-foot hot dog created by Empire National in Brooklyn that was
hand delivered to Martha's studio.

And showing you can never be too proper, Ms. Stewart added, "For those of you who don't
think length matters, I disagree ? especially when it comes to wieners."

How saucy, Martha!

"There's just never enough bites in a hot dog," she added."
Thank you Perez Hilton!

I guess size does matter... thanks Martha!

See you all Tuesday at 10:00!

Your Sexperts

ps: did anyone try the testosterone patch yet?

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