Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weird Sex News!

I need sex!
Police in Tampa say Joshua Basso was alone and "in the mood" when his cell phone ran out of minutes. So police say he called 911 and asked for someone to have sex with him... five times.

New Romance Robbery
A Tennessee couple is spending their honeymoon behind bars after allegedly robbing the place where they were married. Police say Brian T. Dykes, 21, and Mindy K. McGhee, 24, were wed at the Black Bear Cub Resort Wedding Chapel... then returned at 1 a.m. to rob the joint.

Mother Daughter Rivalry
Two Florida women -- a mother and daughter -- fighting over the same man were arrested and tossed in the clink, according to police.

Creepy Love Triangle
A woman from the St. Louis area was arrested for having sex with her fiance's brother... who is just 13 years old.

Syrian Monkeys
Are Syrians engaged in some epic monkey-spanking? One blogger's complaint that the nation's youth is overly engaged in self-satisfaction has resulted in a sort of online sexual revolution... assuming sex with one's self counts, according to Newsweek. We'll be keeping an eye out for any stories on increased blindness and hairy palms in the region.

I’m Too Sexy
Talk about too hot to handle! A female prison guard in Britain says she lost her job because she was too sexy, and has now won an unfair dismissal and sex discrimination lawsuit, according to the Mail Online.

Man I Feel Like A Woman
A German woman who suffered a seizure now thinks she's a man, according to LiveScience. The woman, who was completely healthy before the seizure, even believes other women are turning into men.

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