Monday, November 8, 2010

Taxicab Confessions: Ann Arbor

For some reason, people often think that when you are checking out at a store, riding in the back of a taxi cab, or eating a meal at a restaurant, the people working at the register, driving, or serving your food are not just like you and me. Well listen up folks, they are; and THEY CAN HEAR AND SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Here is an actual account from an Ann Arbor taxi cab driver from this past weekend:

“Most people that ride in taxi cabs can at least wait ‘till they get back to the pad but some choose otherwise!!! It's a little uncomfortable to be driving along the crazy streets of Ann Arbor and have someone doing the funky monkey in the backseat. For instance, I had a group the other night that at first seemed to be the usual cab-ride-home-from-the-bar, but then, all of the sudden, they start making-out! And then the guy tells me take it around the block a few times, LOL!!! At the time of the ladies stop, she got out (not seeming to be bothered at all by what she had just done in my backseat) and then the guy comments, in an attempt to play off his pimpness, ‘I have to call my girlfriend.’ So basically my cab was used as the Motel 6 of their “business”. I don’t know if doing it in a cab is some people’s idea of romantic, but this cab driver can do without the added distractions while driving...”

Well there you have it, ‘Turned On’ blog readers, be a little more conscious of where you are choosing to hook-up. You might not be as alone as you feel!

P.S. if you’re reading this blog and happen to realize this was YOU featured in this story or it was someone you know…sorry. That’s really embarrassing.

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