Monday, December 13, 2010

Who’s really stalking you on Facebook…

You might think, “Hm. Maybe I will leave this wildly inappropriate video or photo tagged of me on Facebook because I want this super hot guy or girl to see it and be all, ‘damnnn that’s hot’” but what you might not realize is that you don’t really know who is looking at your profile. Yeah, maybe that super hot guy or girl is the one creeping on your book. More likely, however unfortunate it is, that one person will not be checking your profile as often as your other 2,000 friends, most of whom you probably don’t want seeing your tagged sexy/drunken/slutty videos, photos, or wall posts.

Facebook is a great place for you to showcase yourself because, let’s be honest, what is one of the first things you do when you hear about a potential new hook-up or date? You look them up on Facebook, duh. You want to see who your mutual friends are, what they look like, what they are interested in, and anything else you can possibly discover about them from their profile page. Basically, Facebook is the new little black book for college students looking to hook-up and use all the cool stuff they learn from ‘Turned On’, which is just great! But do not forget that while it is an awesome site to show what you have to offer to your next potential hook-up, it can also be seen by people that you were not intending to see it. So go through your ‘friends’ list, look at the videos and photos you are tagged in, check your privacy settings, and see who is really stalking you on Facebook.

And then, take a break from Facebook, go out, actually meet some people in real life, and get it on!

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