Monday, November 14, 2011

Natural Aphrodisiacs for an All Natural Good Time

Many people who express a difficulty with reaching an orgasm or getting pleasure out of sexual acts turn straight to sex toys, pornography, and other man-created solutions to problems in the bedroom. These people are overlooking a much easier (and likely more cost efficient) solution; natural aphrodisiacs.

• Natural peppermint soap or shampoo: This scent can help women to reach an orgasm or to have multiple orgasms (woohoo!).

• Cinnamon: It doesn’t just spice up dishes in the kitchen; cinnamon has also proven itself to spice up sex lives and reduce the likelihood of a urinary tract infection (for women).

• Saw Palmetto (good for men): Studies show that it decreases the urgency to pee when you have an empty bladder, nourishes the prostate gland, increases the production of testosterone, and can slow down the appearance of male pattern baldness.

• Pumpkin Seeds: These are known to increase sex drive but also fertility; so, as always, be safe! The high levels of zinc found in these seeds that cause these effects can also be experienced by eating oysters – but pumpkin seeds are little easier to eat on a regular basis than slippery, slimy oysters.

• Spicy Foods and Wasabi: Similar to the effects of sex (perspiration, increased heart rate, etc.), spicy foods are rumored to serve as a natural aphrodisiac for some foreplay. Adding spicy wasabi to your sushi can lead to a hotter sexual encounter.

• Caviar: It might be smelly and made up of fish eggs but this hors d'oeuvre contains many vitamins that nourish nerve cells and increase pleasure – just brush your teeth, please.

• Vanilla, Patchouli, and Musk: All three of these scents (not combined together) promote and stimulate sexual feelings and arousal. The smell of musk might seem out of place on the list of scents to get your juices flowing; it is said to resemble the smell of testosterone and ignite sexual desires.

• Corn Starch: The sexual benefits from this ingredient do not come from consuming it; trickling corn starch onto the nude or semi-nude body creates an incredible sensation sure to drive your partner wild.

• Tomatoes: The juicy tomato is sensual to eat and to watch someone eat. A pair of plump lips pressed about a succulent, red tomato is sure to get your blood rising. Tomatoes can also help to calm pre-sex anxieties and improve muscle control.

• Avocados: In addition to the smooth and delicate texture of the inner avocado, they also provide a healthy source of vitamin E that hydrates and replenishes soft, sexy skin.

• Chocolate: A natural source of phenyl ethylamine, the chemical produced when feelings of love are felt, chocolate is also said to have similar feelings of satisfaction to the feelings felt after sexual intercourse. Chocolate is good, chocolate is great.

All of these aphrodisiacs can play a role in bettering your sexual experiences but the most important factor to remember is: it’s all in your head. Your mind is the most powerful factor in improving your sexual experience. Be imaginative, be safe, be smart, don’t be afraid to feel pleasure, and always, always remember that where there’s a will, there’s a way. 10_natural_aphrodisiacs_to_turn_up_the_heat.aspx


amit said...

To enjoy better sex life you should go with natural way of life. Add natural foods,fresh fruits and vegetables in your diets. Especially Onion, garlic,bananas and dry fruits are tremendous libido boosters. Do regular workout.

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It is believed that natural aphrodisiacs can increase sexual libido and considered healthy too. Make sure to couple it with healthy lifestyle and maintain weight.

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