Monday, February 11, 2008

Win a Valentine's Date with Dan!

That's right! We here at Turned On! are committed to giving back to our loyal viewers. That is why we are giving away an all expenses paid date party invite to one very lucky lady. If you have plans for Valentine's Day already, break them. If you don't have plans this Valentine's Day, make them! Dan's plans recently changed as his date bailed on him last minute. What a floosie! Dan is a smart, easygoing guy who likes to both work hard and play hard. Enjoy a night you will not soon forget as you will party along side your Sexperts and other notable hotties.

If you are interested in accompanying Dan as his date this Thursday, please email Let us know why YOU would be a great date for Dan.

Guys need not apply.

Your Sexperts


Daniel said...

Damn he's sexy

IGS Tom said...

I want more Turned On Blogging!