Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A day with Ronney...

Here at Turned On!, life as a sexpert can be very interesting...
Justin and I were both very excited to introduce our Sexy Street Sexperts, Jake and Sarah, as they made thier way to the diag to ask our fellow students about pick up lines... this is what they found.

Enjoy and stay sexy,
<3 Samie

PS: For all of our lovely viewers who cannot go one week without being Turned On!, I wanted to let everyone know that Monday, December 3rd, is our last episode of the semester. Before your package starts shrinking, know that Justin and I will be giving great tips for how to make the cold holiday nights more steamy.

PPS: Also, next semester look forward to a new and improved Turned On! The staff and sexperts will be putting thier sexiest minds forward to making the show the best it can be. This also comes with a new time... we will be airing LIVE every Monday night at 11:30 pm! Mark your calanders and I look forward to hearing from you guys this Monday at 11:00!

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