Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey everyone hope your all getting excited for Halloween!

It's always been one of my favorite holidays. As a little kid you get as much candy as you can carry and as a college student you can still get a lot of sugar if you know how to play the night...

So here are a few tips (if you missed them from this weeks show) to guarantee a spooky and sexy Halloween

1. Dress the Part--- Pick a costume thats going to show you off. Guy's if you've been hitting the gym recently dress up as a caveman or body builder or something to show off those guns, or if you've just grown your first mustache be Ron Burgundy. Girls it goes without saying if your trying to get guys attention, LESS IS MORE. Obviously don't go out naked but show a little skin, the more promiscuous you dress the more likely it is for a guy to approach you.

2. Be a little aggressive--- Everyone is out to have a good time so put yourself out there a little bit. Maybe go and introduce yourself to someone you normally wouldn't have the confidence to normally. Maybe you've always had a crush on that really cute girl in your spanish class, well nows your chance. Think about it even if she turns you down you're in a costume and can totally pretend it wasn't you the next day.

3. Try a little role play?--- Come on everyone... If you're already in a costume why not try it. If you have a long time parter or brand new friend mess around a little. Its a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom and do all the things you always thought about and could never pull off. Join the mile high club with a super cute flight attendant or maybe have that plumber take care of that problem you have...

4. Have fun--- Halloween is basically just about having fun so go out with your friends be safe and make some memories good or regrettable. AND YES!! Remember everyone this is one of the few times a year where you can actually say dude or girlfriend (whatever the girl equivalent to dude is) I had no idea thats what he looked like!!! He was in costume. So lower your standards a little??? Just kidding but have a good time!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and please watch our show next week same time same channel.
10Pm channel 55 in the dorms

Were also starting to upload clips on Youtube... search wolv tv turned on if you want to check us out there

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