Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Thanks

In spite of the Thanksgiving season, Turned On wants to give give give!

We want to hear back from you guys to see what you like/don't like and what else we can do for you!
Over the weekend while the snow was falling down in Ann Arbor, MI, the folks at Turned On was keeping it hot and steamy thinking of new ideas for students for the winter. Here are some things that you can look forward to after Thanksgiving and this winter on your favorite campus sex show, Turned On!

Sexercise- The sexperts at Turned On will be showing you a very sexy way to workout just the right muscles you need to make every night with your lady/man friend a special and unforgettable one. You can probably learn a few new skills too. Who knows?- Maybe working out your buns and kegels at the same time will allow you to pick up some hotties at the CCRB! Look for the crew of Turned On at the CCRB early next week to watch us "get physical".

Speed Dating- Last episode Turned On focused on how to pick up those hotties and what NOT to do when trying to get a girl. I hope everyone took good notes because Turned On wants to give back to YOU GUYS- with a speed dating event! How fun/(hilarious maybe?) would it be to participate in our speed dating event. With the crew of Turned On right there, (and maybe some of us speeding dating as well) how could you say no? So keep watching for more news about our speed dating event!

Aphrodisiacs- With the wonderful turkey day coming up next week- our sexperts Diana, Matt and Bob will be talking about what they are thankful for and some serious aphrodisiacs that can help turn anyone on. Now we do not swear that these foods will get you laid, but we can, however, promise that it will be fun to try. Tune into Turned On this week to get a list of interesting aphrodisiacs and sexy foods for the Thanksgiving season.

Eat/Drink with the Crew of Turned On!- We were thinking of not only giving back to you guys by offering the best sex/dating advice that we know and answering your questions on air but we also want to meet you! Let's say you can walk into one of the local campus hotspots to see your favorite Turned On member there! How about seeing all of them together? Turned On will plan an event where we all decide to hang out at somewhere (like Cantina?) for the night so our fans can come in, have a margarita or burrito and talk sex with your campus sexperts.... how sexy!

If you have any other suggestions on how Turned On can give back- (we are so thoughtful) then comment on the blog or write us at We love hearing from our sexy fans!

Remember just because the snow is falling doesn't mean you guys can't stay hot- keep working those moves and keep watching Turned On to get the most out of your winter here in Ann Arbor.

Happy Sex-ing!
-Your favorite Sexperts


EBUZZED said...

So I was watching Will and Grace the other night and Karen was doing her Kiegel exercises which, in turn, made me think of "Sex with Samie".

Joe said...

I like the meet the crew idea!

We should just make sure when we plan it, that our 18 and up friends are allowed to come, so that they too can join in the sexual merriment.