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The Spray-On Condom!

Calling Gentlemen of all sizes: start your engines...
As women, we know that all of you men don't have the ability to fit inside the Magnum condoms and there is a reason they don't call you "10-inch Todd", but we still love you and your man goods. With the average penis size of males around the world measuring at 5.5 inches, why would the average condom size measure to 6.5 inches? Not only is it embarrassing for both parties to have a floppy condom but it can also be dangerous.

Condoms can easily slide off or break if they don't fit properly. Nothing ruins the mood more than hearing "oops" during a passionate, steamy banging session. With 120 million acts of sexual intercourse everyday, men and women around the world need a condom they can rely on!

Here is an article from the New York Times (hey! I didn't know that the Times got sexy?). One sexy German invented a condom that sprays on. This "second skin" makes sex more pleasurable for both parties because it is more sensitive than the latex alternative. This condom is guaranteed to fit perfectly snug so no one will be embarrassed or worried about hearing that dreadful word "oops".

The only problem is that we are waiting for this wonder-product to make it out on the market for sexy people to enjoy everywhere. Also the gel takes about two minutes to harden before use and is cold on first contact... hope you can stay hard boys! Even though I don't trust the Germans I think every one should give this miracle condom a try... once it's approved of course.

Don't believe me? Here's the article!

Spray-On, The
(New York Times)
Published: December 12, 2008
Jan Vinzenz Krause, a 31-year-old German entrepreneur, says that condoms should be more like shoes. “You go into a shop, tell them your size and you get shoes that fit your feet,” he says. “Not so with condoms.” Aside from the occasional extra-large brand, condoms essentially come in one size: about 6.5 inches long. Penises, however, come in many sizes. This leaves many men squeezed into condoms so tight they cut off circulation (and impede erections) or so large they’re floppy and nonfunctional. To fix this, Krause has invented the world’s first condom that can be custom made for each man: the spray-on condom.
Several years ago, Krause created a Web site called the Online Condom Advisor, where he catalogued details of more than 100 brands to help men find the right fit. Soon users began asking him to recommend condoms that were large or small, wide or thin, but Krause couldn’t find any. Eventually one man asked, Isn’t there a condom that can be custom-sized to each man?
The idea for the spray-on condom came to Krause in a car wash, where he realized he could make a tube into which an erect penis could be inserted and then sprayed with liquid latex from all sides (as in a car wash) to create a perfectly fitting condom. He got PVC tubing and 30 nozzles from a hardware store, and the resulting condoms, according to Krause, feel like second skin — far more sensitive than traditional condoms. This year, 30 men tested a version of the device for ease of use and condom size. Their reviews were all positive. The only drawbacks: it takes two minutes for the condom to dry, and, as Krause says, “the spray is a bit cold.” So far, testing hasn’t involved intercourse with a partner, but Krause reports that it works well. “I am the developer,” he says with a giggle, “so of course I did a bit more testing of my own.”
Unfortunately, a regulatory agency has contacted Krause to point out the European Union’s strict product standards. “That will make it difficult to bring to market,” Krause says. He has developed My Size, a line of traditional condoms available in multiple sizes, which went on sale in November. But he doesn’t see spray-on condoms being commercially available any time soon.

Well, there you have it folks!

Until we see these beauties on the market we'll all have to stick to our beloved Trojans. Always wear a condom and remember to squeeze the tip when applying so there are no air bubbles that may cause tears. Here is some priceless advice- Ladies offer to apply the condom on yourself... talk about getting TURNED ON- its sexy and you know you're doing it right!

Stay Sexy Ann Arbor,
xoxo Your sexpert

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