Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's that time of year where it's getting chilly out and the leaves are falling... and we get to dress up and go out for Halloween!!!

But what is an appropriate costume to wear? Something scandalous, something scary, or sexy?

I am a big fan of the less-is-more costume approach. This can be fun or sexy depending on how you approach it. For example, girls can wear lingerie to become any type of animal, an angel, or devil or can go with the bikini and be some type of surfer girl or beauty pageant contestant. For guys, they this can be short shorts and being from the 80s or some type of pro athlete, or painting their bodies and being a superhero.

What about being scandalous?? Well these can be even more fun. Ladies, get out the skin tight, cleavage showing pleather outfits and become the catwoman for your batman or Sandy for your Danny. Undercover spies or sexy nurses also make for more coverage but equal sex appeal. What about guys? It is harder to be 'scandalous' as a guy but the one thing I would say is don't pull a Prince Harry and dress as a Nazi, always keep some class.

And down right sexy. Well, any of the aforementioned costumes are sexy, but nothing is sexier than seeing a group or couple in hot duds. Talk to you current fling and plan costumes together one night. A sexy doctor and nurse duo may translate to some fun role-playing in the bedroom later. ;)

Just remember, be safe, have fun and stay sexy! :)

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