Monday, November 16, 2009


Interestingly in one of my classes today we had a speaker from NPR come in and talk about her work. The biggest story that she shared with us one that she did about the safety of sex toys. The story goes something kind of like this:

A woman was really excited to open a sex toy shop but when she got her first shipment of dildos in, they open the box to see that the packages had a type of greasy/oil stain on them, which was also on the foam packing peanuts and also on the shipping box. What is this she wondered? Looking into this more she found out that it is a “thalloid” type substance, which is from the cheap manufacturing of a soft PVC material which was used in the manufacturing of these cheap sex toys.

Doing some more research into this area, it was found that sex toys are not regulated by any government; ours, or the Chinese government where most of them are manufactured. This can be dangerous, because this thalloid substance contains known carcinogens that can be dangerous to your health and cause birth defects.

Since sex is still a pretty taboo subject to talk about (to some people, not us of course!) I don’t see any government regulating sex toys soon. This also creates a lot of health complications because people will develop rashes or problems from using these cheap sex toys and go to their doctor who will wrongfully diagnose them as an STD, which will not cure these problems.

We love sex toys here on Turned On and don’t want you to stop using them, but just make sure you check the products first, and spend that extra money to get a quality one, because these problems mainly plague cheaper ones that use chemicals to soften the plastic, and mostly in “jelly” type toys (super squishy ones).

To hear the actual story by Kyle Norris, check out her website at

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