Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Turn Her On

Finally, we can simply press a button when we want sex. This year, Foxy Roxxxy was released at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas becoming the world’s first sex bot. She’s smart, she’s flexible, and she can be all yours at the low price of $9,000. What makes her better than your $50 blow-up doll? Besides the fact that her skin feels like actual human flesh, she can talk to you. WHAT?!? Douglas Hines, the New Jersey inventor, figured what is sex without that initial spark. He equipped her with artificial intelligence, so she can talk, she can move, and she can get extra freaky in the bedroom (her special spine allows her to move upright, and also bend into impossible positions). In addition, she can connect to the Internet, so she can keep updated on all your interests. Moreover, Foxy Roxxxy comes with five personalities, so if you want the adventurous type just flip her to Wild Wendy, but if you desire a quiet and shy sex partner, then turn her on to Frigid Farrah.
While this sex bot intrigues us here at Turned On, the introduction of new electronics into the bedroom poses some problems:
1. Is it cheating if you have sex with a robot?
Should we simply think of Foxy Roxxxy as a dildo with personality? If you are in a relationship, you should talk to your partner before you purchase Foxy Roxxxy. If she feels competition from your sex bot, the choice is yours. However, we suggest keeping the human girlfriend, because bringing a sex bot to a party could create awkward situations for you and your friends. But hey, maybe you’re more of a lone wolf anyways!
2. Can she malfunction and cause some sort of machine uprising?
Hopefully not, but if you feel that she becomes too controlling, turn her to Frigid Farrah immediately.
3. Is Foxy Roxxxy a good holiday present?
For your girlfriend….No! But a male sex bot is in development. For your very lonely guy friend…. Perhaps, depends on the kind of relationship you have.
4. If she falls asleep during sex, should I assume that her batteries ran out, or am I just that bad in bed?
Foxy Roxxxy loves you! She recognizes you, she shares your interests, so there is nothing you can do that will not please her. It is the ultimate ego-boost in the bedroom.
5. What if I don’t find Roxxxy attractive?
Gentleman, she is customizable. Although her height will always be 5’7 and her weight 120 pounds. You choose her race, hair color, eye color, and don’t forget cup size.
Hopefully, you can find an awesome human girlfriend that can offer more than Roxy. If not and you have $9,000 at hand; don’t be afraid to give Foxy Roxxxy a call.

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