Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Snuggie Sutra

At U of M we all study a lot. The new Snuggie, "a blanket with sleeves" offers a great way to study in comfort while we study. It has been popularized by its infomercials and youtube hits. But here at turned on we see another use for the Snuggie.

We can ask ourselves, why do we have to take away comfort and warmth when we are getting our freak on? Thats why the Snuggie Sutra comes in handy.
You can visit http://thesnuggiesutra.com/ for the actual Snuggie sutra and for tips on how to have a great sex life all in the comfort of your own Snuggie.

Some of our favorite positions are The Warm and Snuggie, a standing position in which you both fit into the same Snuggie, and the Cuddly Puppy, which is a version of Doggie Style except the man wears the Snuggie and covers his partner with it, providing him or her with warmth AND pleasure. So check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think!

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