Friday, April 2, 2010

Sex Music!

Are you tired of listening to "Sexual Healing" or "Let's get it On" Well then you might want to expand your list of music for when you want to get it on. A great blog that can help you with that is Sex Music.

This blog, on Tumblr, offers an intense selection of many kinds of music that can put you and your significant other in the mood. The blog also offers a playlist feature that continuously plays the music featured on the blog in a streaming manner, if a song isn't tickling your fancy you can simply skip to the next one.

All of the songs featured on Sex Music can be purchased for download on Amazon and ITunes. The blog provides links to both sites so you can conveniently purchase the music that you want. So have fun getting funky and getting freaky! Here at turned on some of our favorite music to get down to that's featured on the site is music by Feist and Radiohead. Happy listening!