Monday, October 4, 2010

How Did You Do THAT?!

When you're getting dressed for a black tie event and you realize that you don't know how to tie a tie, what do you do? You look it up on 'Youtube,' right? Of course. And when everyone was doing the Soulja Boi dance and you didn't know the steps, what did you do? YOU LOOKED IT UP ON 'YOUTUBE!'
So if you're interested in learning how to find the G-Spot, give a mind-blowing blow job, do the dougie (and teach your other friends how to dougie), enjoy an orgasm, or just learn how to kiss, try looking it up on 'Youtube.' It may not have the clinical answer or exactly what you're looking for but you might be surprised at what a helpful resource it can be. I mean, other people did put it on the internet for a reason.
You can't be ready for that black tie event when you don't even know how to tie a tie.

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