Monday, March 21, 2011

Still hungover? Another St. Party’s weekend DONE

We got decked out in green clothes, drank green beer that colored our teeth, ate green tortillas at Panchero’s, and danced our little leprechaun butts off. Now, the weekend of reckless partying is over…so what’s next?
The festive air and loose attitude of St. Patrick’s Day in college brought about many hook-ups and action getting days/nights. In the wake of the craziness, are several date parties and last chances of trying to hook-up with that special someone you’ve been eyeing before finals start and you stop going out as much. Take advantage of the metaphorical seeds you planted over the weekend and ask someone to your date party. Text them before you go out at night and see if they are too. The going-out opportunities at school are numbered. Carpe noctem.

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