Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break: The Aftermath

Back to the sunless Ann Arbor after a week of wild times in the sun (except for those people that did not go somewhere wonderful and warm – sucks). For the rest of us, we are left with remnants of the sun’s effects (sunburn/peeling/quickly fading tans) and hazy memories of spring break hook-ups.
The question now is, were those hook-ups just a spring break thing or will they continue now that we are back at school?
The answer to this ultimate question is simple: it depends.
But here are some possible signs to determine if it was a spring-break-only-deal or if it could continue.

1. Did they ask for your number? If the answer is no, then the answer you should expect about a late night hook-up is also, no.

2. Have you recently become Facebook friends with your fling? This is a tricky sign to read because if they did friend you, it could mean two things: they’re into hitting you up again or they just wanted to clarify who you/what you look like/reassure themselves that it was okay to hook-up with you because it was just spring break (so it’s like it didn’t happen).

3. You see you have some pictures tagged together on Facebook, are those tags still tagged? You might want to keep an eye on that because if you’re getting your pictures together untagged, your hook-up probably is
a) embarrassed
b) has a significant other of sorts and is nervous about them discovering what an asshole they were
c) they are just a freak about how they look in tagged pictures.

4. A final sign is whether or not they find some way to contact you. Either online, by phone, through a mutual friend, or in person (probably near or around Scorekeepers).

Hopefully, or maybe not so hopefully, all your spring break hook-ups will turn into awesome, non-dramatic, problem/heartbreak-free relationships but, honestly, don’t get your hopes up. Keep an open mind. It was fun while it lasted so who cares if it might be over. There’s a million fish in the sea and three nights of the week that people go to Skeeps.

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