Friday, November 9, 2007

Always Turned On!

Welcome to the Turned On! Blog, where we're always blogging.

Our goal is to get this campus thinking and acting sexier, and we are going to use every possible way to keep you turned on... plus you can read this while you're in your underwear.

As sexperts, we constantly have dirty thoughts running through our heads. And sometimes, there's not a television show to discuss it.

Enter: The Turned On! Blog.

This will be the place for you lovebirds to really get inside of our heads, and find out what we're thinking. Gentleman, use this to your advantage... Sex with Samie doesn't just have to be once a week.

And on the rare occasion that we miss something as we go live each Monday night or don't suitably answer your question, chances are we'll have a juicy response for ya right here. So check back, and check back often!

And while we are at your disposal 24/7, this is a two-way street... meaning you have got to respond to us and ask, comment, etc. For example: Do oral sex and poprocks mix? This is a lay-up come on!

Don't forget to watch us each Monday Night, 11:00pm on WolvTV.

Samie and Justin

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