Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turned On All The Time!

If you have sex questions throughout the week, Turned On is still your place to go! We are now online throughout the week on AOL Instant Messenger, screen name AskTurnedOn. Your own campus sexperts will be online sporadically throughout the week answering questions and giving advice! Also, every episode we will be online during every show, so ask questions and we will answer them on-air for you!

Tonight we will be talking about Homosexuality and sex along with general anal sex tips for beginners, both giving and receiving.

On that note, I wanted to list some campus sex resources for everyone to use.
First, UHS is one of the best places to go for sex help, serious health matters, free condoms and lube, plus anonymous HIV testing and information. It is located in Suite 2110, on the Second Floor of UHS (Right across from the Michigan League).

The Spectrum Center is also an excellent resource for LGBT members for help, resources and offers some anonymous HIV testing. Located on the 3rd floor of the Michigan Union, more information can be found at http://spectrumcenter.umich.edu/.

I don't want to spoil our episode tonight, so want to just give you a few funny myths/questions to think about:
Am I gay? Can you stop being gay? Why do all gay men have such a good sense of fashion? Why do all lesbians have short butch hair?

While a lot of these questions are debatable, we will touch on this topic on tonight shows and also explore the joys on gay sex and just anal sex in general!

Tune in an get ready to be Turned On!

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