Monday, January 17, 2011

Pick-Up Lines 101: What’s Your Sign?

As you may have heard, there is a new zodiac sign on the charts and everyone’s zodiac signs have shifted by about a month. This would basically mean that your personality and basic characteristics have changed, as well as the perfect matching sign of your soul mate. Seems totally logical…


After doing some digging on the internet, it appears that those individuals with zodiac sign tattoos, a daily horoscope application, or anybody who at least knew what their sign was need fear no longer! According to Lawrence Grecco, an astrologist to New York City’s elite with over 20 years experience in the stars, “this new chart is not accurate” and the masses do not need to worry about having a mid-life zodiac crisis. Furthermore, Susan Miller, a famous New York-based astrologist, says to “not start reading the wrong sign. You'll be getting the wrong readings. People who read the wrong sign will never believe in astrology again.”

In other words, if the “what’s your sign” line was previously your go-to-pick-up and you were nervous that you couldn’t use it anymore, don’t be. You totally still can because nothing has changed! However, it is still recommended that you do not use this line because it is pretty lame and stupid. Commonly reserved for creepy older people that go to undergraduate bars where the bar-goers are usually underage students who are inappropriately inebriated for a public place. So unless you are a learned astrologer and could follow up this classically out-dated line with some fascinating, life-changing information about how zodiac signs are matched up or some other really cool fact, don’t ever use this line not as a joke.

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