Monday, January 31, 2011

Skeeps Etiquette: Getting In and Getting It In

Finally Thursday night! You know what that means? 3 straight nights of binge drinking and not even a thought about school until late Sunday afternoon! Sounds like a weekend full of cheap vodka and Skeeps! But nothing makes a weekend more memorable than hooking up (essentially the only reason guys go out in the first place), and what better place to find that special someone than Skeeps. Here are some suggestions to optimizing that chance:

• Don’t wave your money around too much at the bar: You don’t need to spend a ton of money at the bar (although it doesn’t hurt sometimes) to get someone to go home with you. At the very least, you need to buy at least one drink for that potential hook-up; because unless they went out that night intending to hook-up with you already, you’ll need to spend some time with them and what better way to do that then to loosen up the conversation with a drink?! For free! Purchased and given out of the goodness of your own heart with no ulterior motives whatsoever…

• It’s not considered “game” if THEY ask YOU to buy them a drink: I guess you can consider it almost kind of not really close at all to you “spittin’ some game”, it’s really just that potential hook-up getting drunker so they don’t feel as bad if they’re stuck going back with you at the end of the night. Plus, if they ask you to buy them a drink, you might just be the person who gives the free drinks and not the person who ends up getting it on at the end of the night.

• If it’s on Jersey Shore, don’t wear it: Shiny dragons and flashy brand names are better in theory than practice…why can’t you just wear a skirt or button down like everyone else?

• Don’t talk about school: How often does telling someone how well you did on your Orgo test get you laid? Never. And it never will. So stop telling people, seriously, even your Mom’s sick of it.

Etc. The list goes on and on. If you see your friend or someone you know acting out any of the above, do the right thing and correct them. Proper etiquette isn’t just for country clubs and fancy dinners; it’s for Skeeps.

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