Monday, October 3, 2011

Perfect for the Pickiest Dater

The life of a college student or recent graduate is busy and full of stress during these tough economic times. Finding a job should be the greatest challenge you face today – not finding a date. Luckily, this competitive job market and struggling economy are coupled with the introduction of a new kind of dating website; the ability to specify what university you prefer your partner to come from, what subject they major in (or teach?!), and even what type of relationship you are looking for (one-night-stand, actual dinner date, potential boyfriend/girlfriend, someone who actually wants to talk to you other than your therapist, etc.) is finally at your fingertips. Most importantly for eighteen to twenty something year olds when it comes to online dating is…having no one find out that you are online dating! Nothing is sadder then all of your friends finding out about your JDate and eHarmony accounts; so even though you clearly created them because you’re looking for a wider range of people to hook up with, it’s still frowned upon. Yet, it’s totally socially acceptable for you to wear your hottest, sluttiest outfits out on a thirsty Thursday night at Dream when you are looking to get some but when you try finding some potential hook ups online – it’s just not cool.

Cut to – the introduction of onto your social radar here at Michigan. Going to the same old bars and seeing the same old people is getting tired; it’s time for a change that will make a difference. Recycling to save the environment is really “in” right now; recycling through all of your friends’ past hook ups, on the other hand, is not. It’s time to widen the selection of potential hook ups without making a huge effort to expand your social scene or take time away from more important things. If you thought Facebook was revolutionary; this could be the next big thing.
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